PetMustHave™ 2 in 1 Pet Slicker Brush & Hair Dryer

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Make bath time 2x faster and more enjoyable for your pet with this low-noise dryer brush

Reach deep into your pet's undercoat, remove loose hair, and blow-dry your dog at the same time without scratching its skin with this low-noise massage pin slicker brush.

 Perfect for: small & medium dog/cats, puppies, senior and noise-sensitive pets.

 One-Hand Device
Use your other hand to hold your dog or grab other tools.

 Cuts Grooming Time By Half 
Blow-dry and brush your dog all at once

Can Be Used On Face and Ears 
Unlike regular blow dryers, the 2 in 1 Slicker Brush is low noise and won't scare or annoy your pet.


 Whisper-Quiet Frequency Blower Will Make Your Pet Fall Asleep
Works quietly (≤70 dB) with noise-reducing technology. This is great for pets who hate loud noises or are sensitive to normal dog dryers.

 Make Brushing Pleasurable With Soft Pins

The massage particles from the stainless steel will make brushing feel like a massage!

 Easily Clean The Brush By Pressing The Button

  Reduces Shedding, Removes Loose Hair, Mat, And Keeps A Smooth Coat With Strong Slicker Bristles

Reach deep into your pet’s undercoat without scratching their skin 

 Portable & Takes Less Space
Easy to handle and suitable for storage in your carry bag, suitcase, or backpack

 For Multiple Breeds With Different Coats
3 Different Temperatures 

The hottest temperature is warm, but not high enough to burn your pet as you brush.

Regular: 38℃/100°F
Medium: 48℃/118°F
High: 59℃/138°F 

Auto Turn-Off To Prevent Overheating

The intelligent built-in system will shut itself down once it hits a certain temperature to prevent overheating.

Product Weight: 14.5 oz / 410 g
Input Voltage: AC 110V / 60HZ
Power Consumption: 300W
Cable Length: 6.6 ft / 2 m
Package List:
1 x Grooming Dryer
1 x User Manual

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