PetMustHave™ Scratches Grooming Gloves

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Stop chasing your pet with a brush. It's sharp and it hurts!

Trick Your Pet Into Thinking It's Just Getting Belly Scratches As You De-Shed with PetMustHave™ Grooming Glove!

You'll be surprised by how your pet will beg to be petted with the glove on!

✓ Recommended for all types of pets who hate being brushed.

✓ Remove tangles and mats 

✓ Perfect for regular or bath time use.

The secret is in our 255 tough rubber tips, designed to pull loose fur like a magnet!

Easy to clean - peel off!

The hair just pulls away from the glove when you are done - no muss, no fuss!

One size fits all

 Velcro tabs at the wrist will keep them firmly on your hand regardless of your hand size.

Flexible and can be used on any size pet



1. Wet the rubber before using (run it under water and then shake off the excess) as it removes more hair.

2. Pet your furbaby.

3. Peel off the hair or rinse with water. 

Do not wash it with hot water.

Keep your home clean & make grooming feel like a massage session for your pooch!

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