PetMustHave™ 5 in 1 Non-Retractable Fixed Leash

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 Attention: This leash is recommended for leash-trained dogs.

Here’s how you can get ready for walks in 15 seconds and have every single pet essential without the bulk

This non-retractable leash will help you never forget doggy bags, keep your dog hydrated, hold used bags, and always offer your dog something to play with even when you forget the toys - all while keeping your dog safe without the heavy bulk with our 5-in-1 ergonomically designed leash.

Designed by dog parents just like you, who experience the worst of dog parenting problems. 

It saves you money with a one-time purchase with all the essentials built-in.

Multiple items are costly and pet stores want you to buy every single one of them.

Prevents you from “replacing” items frequently with strong durable material.

Pet stores want you to replace as many items as possible in the shortest amount of time with low quality cheap material. BPA-FREE Durable Nylon & Plastic will ensure that your item lasts a really long time, as it should.

Avoids the need to buy unnecessary items such as backpacks and special harnesses for storage.

Good for cats and dogs!

Pet stores will tell you certain bowls are for dogs or cats only, forcing some parents to spend more money on exclusive items.

This leash is so convenient, it will make the laziest of pet owners feel guilty for not walking their pets!
  • Get Ready in 15 Seconds Or Less. Fill your leash with water, and go. It’s that simple. The doggy bag container can fit one roll and it will last you at least 30 walks (or more depending on the number of bags per roll)

  • No Backpack Needed. It comes with a Foldable Bowl, a built-in water container, doggy bag container, used bag hook, and the bowl can be used as a frisbee.

  • You’ll Never Forget Doggy Bags Again, Even If You Wanted To. We’ve all had moments when we’ve been busy but forgot to take the doggy bag container. With this leash you’ll have access to it at all times. Simply fill the doggy bag with one roll and you’re set for at least 30 walks.

  • Keeps Your Pet Hydrated And Ready For Food, Without The Bulk. The built-in bottle and the foldable bowl is the perfect kit when it comes to going out with your dog. Always have a bowl to hold water, kibbles, or treats.

  • Prevents Your Hand From Smelling Like Dog Waste. The used bag hook will hold bags when you can’t find a trashcan nearby but still want to remain a good citizen.

  • Better Control Of Your Dog. The non-retractable 4.5 ft long (fixed) leash will ensure that your dog is within your reach at all times as opposed to retractable leashes that are banned in many US States & Canada because of unlock.

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